WeatherAll® – Continuous Insulation



Polystyrene Insulation    WeatherAll® is built on the thermal performance of economical polystyrene insulation.  WeatherAll®’s polystyrene core material is ideally suited for use as Continuous Insulation (CI), providing permanent, safe benefits for homeowners.

Polyolefin Durability    Lightweight and having high tensile strength, the plastic facers used for WeatherAll® enhance product strength and are impervious to water. The hydrophobic property of the film used on WeatherAll® causes it to naturally shed water.  This is an important feature that helps keep your home watertight.

Radiant Brilliance    WeatherAll® is available with highly reflective aluminized film.  When properly installed next to an air space the reflective film forms a radiant barrier further enhancing the thermal performance of the wall system.

Water Vapor Permeable    Improper venting of a wall cavity can lead to a host of problems, from moisture damaged fiberglass insulation, to mold formation and dry rot.  These significant problems can go undetected for years and lead to costly repairs.  WeatherAll®’s facers are perforated and allow water vapor to escape through the EPS core, significantly reducing the likelihood of moisture related troubles.  WeatherAll® is also available without perforations.

Continuous Insulation (CI)   Since the early 1970s we have been promoting the advantages of covering a home’s exterior with insulation.  We always knew that sealing natural gaps in a wall, and insulating studs and framing members had an impact bigger than a simple R-value measure would suggest, giving homeowners’ bigger savings.  The International Code Council seems to agree, because they have added CI to their approved strategies for meetinIMG_9924WeatherAll-Edit-9g prescriptive R-values.

EnergyStar Qualified    All grades of WeatherAll® are EnergyStar qualified.  That’s your assurance that WeatherAll® has met the stringent certification requirements of EnergyStar.  EnergyStar is jointly administered by DOE and EPA.

WeatherAll®   Provides improved thermal power, keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer during cold months.  Available in several configurations you can choose the right balance of performance and economy, to deliver year round benefits for as long as you own your home.