Polystyrene Rolled Insulation – PRI

WeatherAll® polystyrene rolled insulation (PRI) is manufactured using high performance polystyrene, laminated to durable plastic film. The combination results in a lightweight, resilient, high R-value insulation that improves comfort and lowers energy costs. WeatherAll® PRI is continuous insulation that can be used to meet increasingly stringent energy codes, and stand up to rough job site handling.

Versatility in a rPolar Barn PRI2oll – WeatherAll® PRI is formed into convenient rolls that can be used in a variety of applications. Easy handling and exceptional thermal performance makes it ideal for speeding up application. Rolled insulation covers significantly more area than traditional sheets, reducing seams and lowering costs.



  • WeatherAll® PRI  provides support for  hydronic radiant heating systems and is an excellent thermal break, limiting energy migration into the ground.
  • There are no bubbles to break when used as condensation control in pole barns.
  • Polystyrene resists compression when screwing to perlins.  Maintaining thermal separation reduces condensation and improves efficiency in metal building.
  • Keep the attic cooler and trap asphalt granules, keeping them away from metal roofing when installing metal roofing over shingles.