PolarBack™ – Enhance the beauty of your home

PolarBack Display 75dpiProtect the beauty, durability and value of your home with PolarBackTM continuous insulation.  PolarBack™ forms a system that completely surrounds the exterior walls of your home with thermal power.  It creates a nonstop thermal break at wall studs and other framing members, places that otherwise rob your energy dollars.  Using PolarBack™ together with WeatherAll® completes a system of dual continuous insulation layers, further improving thermal performance and providing greater savings.

Extend that new look for years to come.  PolarBack™ Contoured Insulation fits the siding profile like a hand in a glove for improved resiliance, beauty and long lasting energy savings.  Added support means more protection against the elements, random impacts, and may even keep your home quieter by reducing noise infiltration.