Environmental Advantage

Helping Turn Carbon Footprints into Thumbprints™

Ozone Safe

No ozone-depleting agents have ever been used in the manufacture of insulation products from Polar.


Polystyrene is 100% recyclable and Polar makes extensive use of post-industrial recycled materials in the manufacture of insulation.


Production of polystyrene insulation carries inherently low risk for the environment.  Polar has further reduced risk by equipping its main plant with a thermal oxidizer.  Like the catalytic converter on your car, this device destroys 98% of potential pollutants, placing this plant among the cleanest polystyrene facilities in the world.

Environmental Payback

Energy is used, and greenhouse gasses are emitted, to create and deliver all manufactured products.  Polar’s insulation products offset those environmental costs by furnishing energy savings and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions far in excess of the amounts created during their manufacture.  And the longer they are kept in service the greater the return.