Energy Saving

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For the average American homeowner, 50 to 70% of the money spent on energy goes to home heating and cooling. This expense can be lowered by sealing your home’s envelope and adding insulation.

According to EPA estimates, homeowners can save an average of 15% on heating and cooling costs by following EnergyStar air sealing recommendations in their homes and adding insulation in attics, floors, over crawl spaces, and often overlooked places like rim joists (found in your basement at the top of the foundation wall). Using computer software to profile cost-effective improvements, the results of EPA’s energy modeling are corroborated by the field experience of professional building science contractors1.

Savings this significant can be realized by retrofitting insulation to meet R-value requirements specified by the 2012 International Energy Code Council. Underperforming exterior walls, basements, attics and crawlspaces are top candidates for improvement2. The extent of savings depends on many factors, like the age of your home – older homes are generally less efficient, particularly those built before 1980.

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