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Dura-R10 Foundation and slab Insulation is a member of the Dura-Foam family of insulation products.

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Dura-R10 meets or exceeds the strict energy code requirements for the state of Maine, New York and Pennsylvania. In fact it meets the requirements of all the Northeastern states*.

In this cold region enforceable energy codes have been written in recognition of the fact that a building foundation can be a major cause of energy loss.   Heat loss through conduction can add significantly to energy bills. An uninsulated foundation acts as a giant heat sink where costly thermal energy is drawn into the ground around a dwelling.

Dura-R10 is a high density continuously molded rigid insulation with the compressive strength and water absorption characteristics which make it ideally suited for below grade foundation applications.

Rugged enough to stand up to the punishment of backfilling, Dura-R10 is the economical choice for foundation and slab on grade insulation.

Dura-R10 Meets the Code
BOCA (section 876.5)
ICBO (section 1717)
SBCC (section 718)
ASTM C 578
NYS Energy Code (section 7814)
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*Northeastern states defined as New England and the Middle Atlantic States. In New Hampshire where R-11 is required by code, a layer of 1" EPS installed between the foundation and Dura-R10 will yield an R-value of 13.85.

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